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Why Your Mindset Is Crippling Your New Career Business Ideas

The link between successfully launching your own business or changing career, and developing a success mindset is often overlooked. However, it has been proven time and again that a positive mindset can lead to different results.


A person with a positive mindset will focus on different things, look at challenges in different ways and many studies demonstrate how mindset affects the likelihood of success.


Right from the beginning of setting up a business or beginning a career change. the mindset of a person, which reflects the sum of their beliefs, will determine how and which goals are set. Mindset can also directly determine resilience to tough times and how challenges inherent in any life change are overcome.


So, if success means erasing your negative thinking, developing healthier habits of positive “success mindset” thinking how can you start? This blog outlines what to watch out for and small steps you can take from today.

1. What Is A Fixed Mindset?


A person with a fixed mindset is a mind which is closed and not open to new ways, personal self-development or any movement outside of their comfort zone.

They often believe one or more of the following:

  • This is just the way I am
  • If I don’t try then I won’t fail
  • If I have to work hard, then I’m not meant to do it
  • I can’t possibly do this I am just not capable

Despite outward appearances a person with a fixed mindset is not willing to risk any discomfort by thinking new things, taking a risk, or embracing new beliefs and these are reasons they will not be successful at new things.

Older people are sometimes mistakenly considered to have a fixed mindset, but this affliction equally affects the young. However due to the flexibility of our brain muscle and how that wane as we age, younger people can normally change their mindset, if they want to, a little easier.

A great example of this is a young person who wants to do something different from their parents and local friends. We all know the power of peer pressure, and a single person alone has to be very strong and resilient to think or act differently from everyone around them.

However, many successful people have done just that – they may be the first person from their families to go to college or university, or to travel and settle abroad, or the first person in their family to set up their own business.

Escaping from a family or environment of people with a fixed mindset is normally the result of encouragement from someone outside their immediate circle, such as a teacher, or it can even come from the author of a book.

However, this is not an exhaustive list.

A person with a fixed mindset will not be able to demonstrate the flexibility, dexterity, or openness required to succeed in business, unless of course they have been born into a family which is already successful.

Unfortunately, those with a negative mindset may also be bind to a person’s true potential or moral character due to a reliance on stereotypes.

For example, when I briefly taught creative writing once, in a young offender’s institution for a couple of months, I was dismayed to hear the attitudes of the teachers who regularly taught the young people there. Since several of the inmates didn’t even know how to read and write, they were dismissive of them, and did not feel like they should not much effort into their teaching as it was a “waste of time.”

Of course, our mindset changes often in our lives, and we can also choose to change it for the better, rather than let ourselves become negative due to our negative experiences.

2. Erasing Negative Thinking


In order to cultivate a success mindset, the first step is identifying what negative thoughts are part of your daily “crazy mind chatter”. These are the thoughts that run through your mind every day.

You may have already realized that we can be our own worst enemy, and negative self-critical thoughts are sabotaging all of your efforts. The good news is that this kind of self-sabotage is not abnormal and can be easily overcome.

The starting point is developing mindfulness – just watch what you think for a fixed period of time every day. Some people find it helpful to do this in meditation for 20-30 minutes every day, as they can simply be still and watch their constant thoughts float to the surface.

For example, if you have a constant thought like “I will never succeed at this”, and you are repeating this to yourself all the time – how likely are you to succeed?

This kind of limiting belief will create a negative mindset which could lead to bad decisions which will in turn lead to actions which will not be successful.

Your whole belief system is based on beliefs, and ultimately you have choice on which beliefs to base your mindset upon. Belief is not just about your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Whatever your beliefs they will reflect your core values and have a huge impact on your success.

For example, if you believe in caring for your family, and helping your neighbours and friends your mindset will be completely different from someone who is purely motivated by monetary gain or status purely for themselves.

Recognising your negative thoughts is the first step in replacing your negative mindset with a positive one.

Mindfulness is the key here, and next time you think a self-sabotaging or negative thought use your new skills to overcome these thoughts becoming they become part of a fixed negative mindset.

Change is only hard work if you think it will be. Change can also be exciting and fun.

3. Positive Thinking & Developing A Success Mindset

i am the success story affirmation

A positive mindset is one which sees the “glass half full”, not the glass “half-empty”.

I am sure you can guess which one successful people choose, in order to have a success mindset.

A person with a positive mindset believes:

  • I can do anything I set my mind do
  • I only fail when I stop trying
  • This new job looks challenging but I will apply for it anyway

A positive attitude does not mean you are constantly cheerful, and refuse to take effective action.

However, you will not be easily derailed from your big goals if keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. You may achieve completely different results from whatever you set out to do, however you will be secure in the knowledge that you did the best you could do with the information that you had available.

The difference between success stories and stories of those that failed, is that the successful ones simply refused to give up.

Successful entrepreneurs, artists, writers, political leaders – all innovators in fact have rarely succeeded in their first attempts.

Successful entrepreneurs have enough self-confidence and belief in themselves and their ideas to continue through tough times, and are continually mindful of their inner self-talk.

Their confidence also allows them to keep an open mind to opportunities and ideas around them so they can “self-correct”, whenever necessary and avoid negative self-talk in themselves and negative talk from others.

Nothing can be more demoralising or demotivating than negative talk from our colleagues, which is why successful people often band together, just as new entrepreneurs’ band together.

It may take a long time, but if your attitude is one of learning from your mistakes, or even the mistakes of others through working with mentors and coaches, you will know the next steps to take to get better results.

You can make a list of your favourite positive statements but some of mine are below.

“Good things come to good people”

Or one my favourites which is from Abraham Hicks:

“Everything is always working out for me.”

Check out this LIST of 70 positive quotes for more ideas.

Reinforcing these positive thoughts on a daily basis, either at the beginning or the end of each day, will lead to a positive mindset set for success.

Of course, there are many ways you can cultivate a positive success mindset, and another one is to keep a gratitude journal.

This is daily practice of making a note of everything you are grateful for, and this can also serve to reinforce your value system, as you focus on what you have achieved that moves you forward towards your big goals, (rather than your failures).

A positive mindset will keep you primed for opportunities, connections and new ideas whatever else is going on around you.

Although these steps may seem like small steps to you, you will be amazed how powerful they can be.

How can you begin tuning your mindset for success today?

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