Do You Need Pinterest Management?

If you are trying to get more web traffic to your landing or sales pages there are many different options for you. Social Media management that uses your social media interactions to point people in the direction of your online pages is one way to do this.

There are many Social Media networks like Facebook, and Instagram as well as Twitter and Youtube.

However, how many users are actually wanting to make a purchasing decision, rather than chat with their friends?

Pinterest is a visual search engine, more than a social media network.

Most users visit Pinterest in order to look for something they are thinking about buying, or ideas about something they would like to do – such as cooking or redecorating.

It could be:

  • Healthy recipes
  • Pet products and food
  • Home decoration tips
  • Eco furniture
  • Fashion

Businesses, bloggers and service providers are all looking for cost-effective marketing solutions in the current climate. Whilst hiring a Social Media manager can be incredibly effective, some bloggers and businesses have found focusing on one Channel like Pinterest, can be all that they need to transform their business.

Regardless of your product or service, you want to ensure that you are investing in something that will reward you. (High ROI).

So, if you are looking to boost your online traffic, grow your online sales, investing in Social Media Management like Monthly Pinterest Management could be a great fit for your business.

Why is Pinterest An Increasingly Popular Platform?

Pinterest management for growth

Many savvy marketers today are investing in organic marketing, rather than spending thousands on advertisements.

Organic marketing continues to give a return on investment for years – if the content remains relevant and on trend.

Bloggers have realized the huge potential of Pinterest to increase their website traffic to millions of views.

Perhaps you are tired of throwing away money on ads, which don’t seem to bring you the leads that you want?


You are producing a product or providing a service which appeals to the Pinterest audience.

Who is the Pinterest audience?

What makes the Pinterest audience most attractive to marketers is that they are buyers, much more so than Facebook and Instagram.

Consider these facts and figures:


If you want to increase your market share, stay connected with your customers, or sell more products and services Pinterest could be something you are already exploring.

(To find out more about Pinterest see this article: Is Pinterest Good For Business?)

What Can One Viral Pin DO?

I have successfully grown several Pinterest accounts. My Words and Pictures account went from 16k engaged monthly views to 693k in a fortnight. PLUS I could look at my analytics immediately and see where my audience was coming from.

Pinterest Business Audience Insights

Pinterest Analytics provides detailed information on the success of each pin and board as well as the following:

  • Audience age and gender
  • Audience location
  • Keyword popularity

This is one of the pins that had 10,000 full views:

(I designed this pin using a design program called CANVA. CANVA has pinterest templates, photos you can use and loads of editing features. CANVA is free for regular users, but if you want to make pins like mine you need CANVA PRO. If you would like to try CANVA PRO for one month free just CLICK HERE FOR CANVA)

SO, if you are going to use Pinterest, how will you do it?

Will you read another e-book?

Or Take another online course?


Do you want the results without having to learn all about pin optimization, Pinterest SEO, designing viral pins, tracking key trends, and updating yourself on the changing algorithm?

A Pinterest Manager can do all of that for you with a monthly Pinterest management account.

You Need Pinterest Management IF:

  • You can see the value of Pinterest for your business
  • You enjoy increased website visitors and sales
  • You would like an “evergreen” SEO system to deliver new leads every day
  • You have a marketing budget
  • You already have 5 or more blogs/services on your website




  • Pinning at strategic times for your ideal customers based on the Pinterest algorithm
  • Pinning in line with seasonal trends and trending themes (e.g. Halloween/National elections)
  • A Guarantee to improve your Pinterest engaged audience – OR YOUR FULL MONEY BACK
  • Improve your ranking in Pinterest, through optimization of your pins and boards
  • Increased virality of your pins through optimization of each new pin

PINTEREST BOOSTS – easy monthly management for your Pinterest Account



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