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Top Six Factors Essential for Your New Website Design

  How Effective is Your Online Image For Getting New Clients? In the digital age where fewer and fewer people physically visit their local shops or even a shopping center or shopping mall very often, we can forget that our website design is essential. Our website is our ONLINE SHOPFRONT. Would you want to visit a shopfront with old, outdated designs in the window, or with a broken door covered with peeling paint, or a door which is difficult to open? Of course not- so is it time to refresh your ONLINE SHOPFRONT – your current website? What are the Top Six Factors You Must Consider For Your Website Re-design? Aesthetic Design Clarity of Information Flow- customer journey Searchability Contacts Social Media Connections 1. Design Don’t overlook the importance of branding. Your potential new clients and customers will make a lot of assumptions about you and your company from your…

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