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What Will The Covid-19 Shutdown Mean For YOUR Business?

Will the Covid-19 Shutdown Destroy or Transform Your Future? Over a third of the world’s population has been instructed to stay at home in the biggest global shutdown ever, in order to contain the Covid-19 virus. Millions of people have had their lives turned upside down, lost their jobs, or gotten sick. 1. UNEMPLOYMENT During the Covid-19 Shutdown, millions of workers all over the world have lost their jobs due to the closures of hotels, bars, restaurants, theatres, and clubs as well as manufacturing plants and many other industries. Although governments in Europe and North America have offered companies grants to pay their workers a percentage of their normal pay, millions of others in poorer countries have not. Millions of people all over the world have joined the unemployment lines, and face delays as their claims are processed. E.g. 1 million to date in the U.K. and over 15 million…

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