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How Your Design Could Destroy Your Online Sales

In 2019, we all became much more aware of the impact of design as we all spent more time at home. Staring at the same walls, for many more hours than normal because of the Covid-19 Pandemic had many of us reaching for DIY Home redecoration kits and throwing out old furniture! However, have you considered just how important effective and eye-catching design in your online campaigns? Michelle Ogunhedin advocating that “design should improve the society and it should outlive its creator. This is the opportunity to change things for the better. Design is not design unless it works but also design is not design unless it improves our aesthetic lot.” When the Design Council surveyed the design portfolios of 63 FTSE companies, they found that companies that prioritised design outperformed companies that that didn’t by 200%. Or to put it another way every £100 spend on design increased turnover by…

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