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Is Pinterest Good For Business?

Pinterest is just one form of Social Media, isn’t it?

Pinterest used to be perceived as just one more social media network. However, today, it is also recognised as a POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINE (like Google with Images)

Just imagine scrolling through your Google Search results, but not for words but for images.

1. How Important is Social Media for Your Business?

On average people spend over 3 hours a day on Social Media and messaging.

The majority of this time is on Facebook (social) and on Linked In (business).

After you have clearly identified your Ideal Customer (if you haven’t yet – download my FREE WORKBOOK), you are better placed to decide which Social Media Channels can help you.

Pinterest is a social media network and a visual search engine. It has been primarily connected to female buyers, who account for over 70% of users. However, this is changing, with more and more men signing up.

2. Why Use Pinterest for Your Business?

Global Pinterest Business statistics

Pinterest is increasingly being used by businesses all over the world to increase their brand awareness and audience reach.
Businesses and solopreneurs, such as therapists, and luxury brands often drive over 80% of their website traffic via just one Social Media Channel, and Pinterest is increasingly their number one choice.
3 in 4 businesses want to invest in Social Media marketing and over 95% want to increase their marketing budgets.
However, small businesses and small businesses often fall behind due to short-sightedness.
Many are switching more and more of their marketing budgets from traditional channels, such as print media and local advertising to social channels like Facebook or Pinterest.
As Facebook advertising becomes more and more expensive, other channels for a paid and organic search like Pinterest become much more appealing.
But, is Pinterest an effective Social Media Channel to attract new clients,  for you?

3. Which Business Areas Are Most Popular On Pinterest?

Pinterest statistics

Over 60% of Pinterest users visit one of these four categories:
  • Home Decoration
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • DIY and Crafts

However, Pinterest is growing, and your business does not have to fall into one of these top categories to benefit.

Pinterest has over 375 million active users worldwide

  •  Over 80% of millennials use it to make purchasing decisions.
  • More than 80% of US women aged 18-64 use Pinterest
  • It is the 3rd largest social network in the USA, following Facebook and Instagram, (4th if you include youtube)
  • More than 50% audience is outside of US
  • 48% of pinners use Pinterest for shopping, Much higher than other channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • The majority of users earn more than $75,000 a year
  • Pinterest is free to set up, user-friendly, and easy to manage

Choosing Pinterest could be the best decision you make in 2020.

You can increase your website traffic, and save you a lot of money running ads.

Pinterest’s monthly views can increase from zero to over 100K unique individual viewers in less than three months, bringing a whole new audience to your business website.

Pinterest is also an easy way to ensure your wonderful new blogs and articles get read!

Stop creating wonderful work for limited audiences and reach the audience who need you! Get your business account SET-UP for you!

4. Keys To Pinterest Strategy

Keys To Pinterest for Business
Keys To Pinterest

So, how can you use Pinterest for Business?

Randomly pinning in Pinterest will not necessarily get you the growth that you want, in Pinterest. As Pinterest is a search engine more than a social media tool, you need to employ SEO tactics and strategies.

Finding keywords that rank in your industry and then using them in your Pins will improve your rankings in Pinterest.

Add key words to:

  • Pin titles
  • Pin Descriptions
  • Pin Images

2020 changes in Pinterest have affected rankings for all users. Pinterest now favors Pinners who create new content regularly.  Creating new pins needs to be a strategic task. These can increase your web traffic and sales. For help with creating new clickable pins check out this special offer HERE

Creating new,  likable pins regularly, with SEO keywords,  will steadily increase your monthly impressions as well as the number of clicks to your website.  

5. FREE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to setting up your Pinterest Account for success

A business Pinterest account allows you to create rich pins, advertise, and automatically adds your business details to each pin you create.

It needs to be optimized to increase your rankings in Pinterest, and maximize your customer reach. If you don’t knowhow to do this I have a free factsheet you can use which will take you through the process, step by step.

free pinterest setup factsheet

Get my free PINTEREST SET-UP GUIDE to get better results from your Pinterest Business Account!

Just let me know where to send it!


6. Already on Pinterest but not using a scheduler like TAILWIND?

If you are already using Pinterest but want to increase your followers and your click-through rates – so that more visitors land on your website – PIN MORE.

This is easy to do with a scheduler like TAILWIND. TAILWIND allows you to pin at the OPTIMUM TIME for your clients, and pins for you automatically. Why not try it and see how you go?

Tailwind scheduling time slots
Automatically schedule your Pins on Pinterest



Don’t forget that only you can make decisions that will shape your future. Don’t sit on the fence too long, or soon it will be another year that’s gone by.

DISCLAIMER: This post does include affiliate links, this will not increase the price of any purchases you make.


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