How Your Design Could Destroy Your Online Sales

In 2019, we all became much more aware of the impact of design as we all spent more time at home. Staring at the same walls, for many more hours than normal because of the Covid-19 Pandemic had many of us reaching for DIY Home redecoration kits and throwing out old furniture!

However, have you considered just how important effective and eye-catching design in your online campaigns?

Michelle Ogunhedin advocating that “design should improve the society and it should outlive its creator. This is the opportunity to change things for the better. Design is not design unless it works but also design is not design unless it improves our aesthetic lot.

When the Design Council surveyed the design portfolios of 63 FTSE companies, they found that companies that prioritised design outperformed companies that that didn’t by 200%.

Or to put it another way every £100 spend on design increased turnover by £225. So, design is a long-term investment which will continue to influence your turnover for years to come.

1. Is Content Still King?

Is Your Design the Right Envelope for your Content?

Many people hold onto the belief that WHAT you say is more important than HOW you say it. However, the statistics do not confirm this belief when it comes to online content on your website or social media posts.

For example, a poorly designed website is often not trusted or even read, removing any chance of your online content being read.

Even if your content is great, 94% participants  of a recent study stated that they disliked and clicked off websites for design issues rather than content quality concerns.

Bad design issues they mentioned included:

  • Unreadable text
  • Too much text
  • Slow page loading speeds
  • Boring web design
  • Unclear navigation

All of the above factors are the result of a poor website design.

For example, slow page loading is the number one factor in Google rankings. Do you know what your page load speeds are? Do you know how to find out what they are?

Take a look at your website design today – or even better ask someone who hasn’t seen it before to give it a test run. What is their impression of your company and brand after they do?

2. Brand Recognition

Customers and clients often find that visual elements of a company are more memorable than the company name.

This is simply how most of our brains work – we remember images longer. In fact, over 65% of us are visual learners, who recall information through visual images primarily.

Studies have shown that colour is incredibly important for how vividly we remember something.

This has been confirmed by medical studies:

Colour has the potential to increase chances of environmental stimuli to be encoded, stored, and retrieved successfully.” Journal of Medical Science

In the book BLINK,  Malcolm Gladwell shows how just tweaking the packaging of products changes how people react to it and even influence their taste!

3. The Importance of Getting the Conversational Tone Right

Are you whispering when you should be shouting?

Just like we make snap decisions about new people based on first impressions, very, quickly the same is true for brands.

Your brand design can almost be thought of as the first meet and greet with a potential new customer at a conference or trade fair.

Will your handshake be firm and strong or light and friendly?

You may have les than 50 milliseconds to make an impression.  Will your design make an authentic impression of your company brand?

 For example, if you are selling a cosmetic product to a younger age group – you may choose a light-hearted youthful brand with bright colours and large type and funny product names with vibrant colours like Anatomicals.

A more serious medically formulated brand to defy ageing selling to an older (and more affluent) age group would choose a completely different brand representation.

Your Ideal Audience will be attracted to different types of “packaging” for your product or service.

Brand voice matters, as it is a key component of your brand and in how you attract or “hook in” new customers.

4. Design is More Than the Visuals

A professional designer will not just focus on your font or even your brand colours and loo.

A good designer will get to the core of what you are communicating to your ideal audience in the most effective manner.

Design is much more than an aesthetic design, as it needs to communicate information clearly as well as why it is important to the viewer, as well as being eye catching and memorable.

Design is not a simple “add-on” factor for your business, it is the envelope of your content.


5. The Attractiveness Bias

Given a choice when we see two products, which have the same function and price, we will choose the one that looks better.

According to Steven Bradley

Human beings have an attractiveness bias; we perceive beautiful things as being better, regardless of whether they actually are better. All else being equal, we prefer beautiful things, and we believe beautiful things function better. As in nature, function can follow form.”

The CEO of Sony focuses on design, as he knows that most of his competitors offer similar products with almost identical price points and performance ratings.

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