How To Increase Your Website Speed FAST

WHY Do You Need To Improve Your Website Speed?

You may be aware that website speed is important for your business visibility. However, do you know how important? This blog looks at why it is SO important and how to increase your website speed fast.

If you are keen to get better rankings in search engines like Google, so your potential customers can find you easily?

How does your website perform in terms of speed, on desktop, tablet, and phone?



3 steps to increase web speeds

WHAT Should My Website Speed Be?

When you are managing your first website you may not be aware of how important it is to check your website – I can understand that. Over 15 years ago when I made my first website it never occurred to me to check it’s website speed.

This was a shame, as it was packed full of high resolution images and videos.

I didn’t know that most people would have clicked off the website before it had time to load fully.

Do you want people to stay on your website when they find it, amongst millions of other similar websites and landing pages available?

I am guessing after you invest in all your SEO organic traffic strategies and paid advertising you won’t want people to leave your web address before they’ve read your pages!

So, you need to optimize your web speeds. Highest ranking websites usually load  in under 3 seconds. Pages that take 4 seconds to load may be ok, if you have a patient client base – but ideally you want to load so fast your customer doesn’t have time to get bored.

NOTE: How long did it take you to look up something on Amazon? Or Etsy? Or any of your favorite shopping sites – did you have to wait, or was it almost instant?

You can check your website speed, approximately and quickly yourself, if you open a private window on your browser and time it.

For a more accurate result, you can check it using a specific website speed checker like this one HERE

Or look it up on your preferred website Analytics program.  For example Google Analytics will not only tell you the page speed for all of your website pages, it will also give you tips on how to fix items that are slowing your website down.

HOW Do I Increase My Website Speed?

If you are reading this website, you probably know how important images are for your online readers.

(If you are not too sure about this –  read this)

Large images take time to load, and this slows down your website speed.

Decreasing your image files will instantly make your website load faster. You can make your file size is smaller before you add them to your website, or use your web host tools.

WHAT Is The Optimum Size for your website images?

Using optimum file sizes for your websites

The optimum file size of images for your website is around 15KB.

If you only have a small website, you can use larger files. However, the bigger the site the more important the file size of your images is.

I am guessing you will want to add to your website to grow your audience, and as your business grows.

If you compress your images as you start, you will save yourself a lot of time later on.

There are 2 fast ways of optimizing your website images.

HOW Do I Reduce My Image Files?


1. File formats affect image size

The type of file format you choose for your images affects their size and quality.

There are many different kinds of image files however most images are saved as PNG, JPEG, or GIF files. Each format had advantages and disadvantages.

  • JPEG – these can be easily adjusted for size and quality
  • PNG – usually larger file sizes, used for printing.
  • GIF – the best choice for animated images

 You can easily change your image file formats inside visual editing software such as Photoshop, or free Microsoft programs like Paint 3D.

To find out more about different kinds of image files check out this page

2. Automatic WordPress compression tools

If you are using WordPress there are several tools you can use to reduce your photo file sizes, for example, SMUSH. (Free and paid options).

This is the easier option if you already have loads of images uploaded onto your web pages.

3. Reduce your image file size online

Reduce size and quality?

There are several free web tools online where you can easily reduce your image file sizes.

One of the ones I like to use is Jpeg Optimizer. This tool allows you to choose the percentage you want to decrease your image by and also the pixel density.

It also allows you to view the image onscreen to check the quality before you save it, for use on your website.


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