how to choose a webhost for your business website

How to Choose the Best WebHosting Package?

7  Things To Check when looking for a Web Host

Introduction to Finding The Perfect Web Host

If you are new to online marketing or launching your first new business a website is one way to quickly establish yourself. For this, you will need a domain name and Webhosting package.

This will give your new business credibility and act as your digital “business card”. It is also a place where people can find you online, and potential new customers can find out more details about your products and services.

Establishing a website, however basic, effectively announces to the world that you are OPEN & READY FOR BUSINESS!

Website Business
Open For Business

If you are planning your first website, you may not be aware that you need a web hosting provider for your new domain.

The domain will be the “land” you build your website on. This will be the name of your website.

Domains are often FREE with certain WEBHOSTING packages.

A WebHost is the landlord of your website home in cyberspace – or to put it another way – where your website is located digitally on a digital server.

Attractive Online Prescence
Choose The Right Home For Your Website

Finding the best value WebHost for your unique needs will necessitate a bit of research. These are the key things you should consider when finding the best WebHost for your business.


1. Hosting Company’s Reliability

The best hosting providers offer 99.7% reliability and upwards. This means that visitors to your website will be able to access it 99.7% of the time.

Not all Web Hosts are this reliable, and UPTIME is the first thing you need to check.


2. Free Web Hosting Add-Ons

Some hosting providers include freebies such as

  • Free SSL certificate

An SSL certificate shows to visitors that your website is secure. It stands for

Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL uses encryption algorithms to scramble data in transit, preventing hackers from reading it as it is sent over the internet connection. This information can include financial information, names and addresses.

Once your SSL certificate is activated it will be indicated by https:// instead of http://.

Secure sites are safer against hacking, and will also rank higher on search engines. If your package does not come with a free SSL, you can purchase one, and costs range from around $25 a year upwards

  • Free Email

The best hosting providers provide a free email service, but not all do, so this is something you need to check carefully.

  • A free, regular back-up

As a new website creator, mistakes can happen when building your site. A free back-up service ensures you will never lose your last draft of your website through user error or ever lose it completely.

  • Free SEO TOOLS

Most WordPress sites include a version of YOAST – which helps writers create SEO optimized text and blog posts. Optimizing SEO will ensure that your website can be found by search engines.

Non-WordPress sites can purchase similar tools at a cost.

For an example of what I mean:

WebHosting Packages
Webhosting Packages Add-Ons


3. Potential traffic

Cheaper packages will have a maximum traffic limit. Even if you are not initially anticipating over 10,000 visitors a day, you do need to look at these numbers realistically.

The best option is to purchase a package that can be scaled in the future, easily. One-click upgrades to the next most expensive package is a norm for most hosting providers.


4. Regular hosting or WordPress hosting?

Many hosting providers include free website building tools in their packages – such as Website Builder, which is a  drag and drop tool.

Website Builder Tools are attractive to first-time website builders and can produce a professional-looking site.

However, they are not as flexible as WordPress sites. WordPress sites are also free to install.

In the long run hosting providers that include Website Builder can prove to be more expensive, as some hosting providers charge you monthly to tweak your blog. Conversely, a WordPress site costs NOTHING upfront, or monthly unless you want additional functionality.

These tools normally have a free pilot plan. For example, YOAST offers SEO tips, and Smush will automatically compress your images.

5. Your Webhost Helpdesk

Is your New WebHost helpdesk helpful?

If you have any experience at all with customer support in any area you will be aware of the challenge of getting information when you need it.

With websites and hosting you will need expert help when you contact them and knowing average wait times and level of customer satisfaction is essential to check before committing your mental health to one of these!

If you want the best WEBHOSTING SERVER IN YOUR COUNTRY – this site is one you need to check out too!

Webhosting Reviews
International Webhosting Reviews

6. Paid Vs. FREE Web Hosting Plans

Free hosts are available. However, they rarely have 99%+ uptime. So, think carefully about whether you want to invest time and money in driving new web traffic to your new website which is not always available.

If your budget is really tight and you want to build your website yourself, really cheaply take a look HERE

WARNING: Websites hosted on free Web Hosts may not be ranked as highly by Google and other search engines.

7. Pricing Plans

It is important to be aware that most prices that you will see when searching for hosting providers although often stated MONTHLY – is only true if you buy a 36-month plan.

I would advise you to buy the longest plan you can afford, if you find a good price for your ideal Webhost, as prices fluctuate all the time.

Special deals which you find attractive, will not necessarily remain the same price and can often double after your special offer ends. (iPage is a prime example of this!)

Some offer monthly payments like Namecheap, but most web hosts ask for annual fees, whereas annual plans work out much cheaper.

 SIMPLE WEBSITE HOSTING Options for All Budgets

Bluehost web hosting pricing plans

  • Blue Host consistently wins awards for its WordPress Hosting and is known globally
  • Blue Host has a GREAT Help desk which can be accessed from around the world
  • Blue Host where prices start around $3 a month for  WordPress Sites



Don’t spend months making a decision about your web hosting! A day (well, really no more than a couple of hours (!)) should be sufficient – especially if you pick one which gives you a ONE MONTH TRIAL so that you can change your mind).

Having said that transferring websites between hosts can be a bit of a headache, although this rarely takes more than a couple of days once you know what you are doing!

Google often sandboxes new websites for the first 3 months to see if they are legitimate or not, so the sooner you get started the sooner you will rank.

SO, Get Started on Your Website Today!

PS. If you want more FREE TIPs on how to get started or improve your website  READ THIS


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