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How To Attract New Clients – Marketing for Therapists

5 marketing tips for coaches

5 Top Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs & Health Coaches


We all make more and more decisions about products and services online and these online marketing tips are for businesses, selling online, especially coaches and alternative health therapists.
If you have just set up your first online business or  are working in holistic health, marketing is an area that cannot be sidestepped if you want to have a successful business.
Marketing is essential for any business so that your services reach the people who need them. Even if you are a health coach, acupuncturist, yoga teacher, or any other kind of holistic healer.
An easy way to start your marketing (after you have set up your website), is by adding high-quality content to your website regularly.
This will help you attract new clients and customers, and help them get to know more about you and your services.
If healing the body (mind or soul) is your area of expertise, you may not be talented as a writer/sales expert too.
Many solopreneurs and therapists do not like marketing and do not feel that they have the necessary expertise in this area, but it can be learned.
However, even Holistic healers are expected to have an online presence in order to establish their credibility. Marketing for therapists does not need to be a full-time job if you focus on these 5 areas.


Physical therapists, sometimes find it easier to sell their services through word of mouth, rather than spiritual counselors, which is a much more private activity.


Blogging for business growth
Start Today

Visitors to your website will look at your initial posts to get to know more about you and your Unique Services/Products.

It is a good idea to set the tone and style of the message of what you want to communicate, yourself, even if you decide to hire someone to manage and create your Web Content later on.

Your first few posts will be your opportunity to share what you know.
FOR BLOG IDEAS for therapists  READ THIS

You can always ask for help. Larger marketing agencies can help individual therapists, health centers, and entrepreneurs although not all marketers understand the alternative health sector or can provide customized packages to fit your budget.

Marketing gurus worldwide recommend writing regular blog posts and longer articles for your website and Social Media channels. However, this involves much more than simply writing a few hundred words once a week.


Physical therapists and alternative health experts often ignore the importance of regularly publishing on their websites and this can prove to be a costly mistake as:

• Over 70% of all buyers search online before choosing their business products and services.

• The CMI reports that decision-makers prefer to learn about companies, and their products and services via reading articles online, rather than advertisements.

• Social Times indicates that Customer Testimonials can be one of the most valuable forms of content marketing.

2. Brand awareness – Do You Need It?

Authentic Marketing
How authentic is your marketing?

Regular, high-quality, relevant content on your website attracts a community of users who are interested in your area of expertise and open to learning about your specific products and services.

Posting weekly on Facebook is one marketing strategy that therapists can undertake themselves, and this will also drive traffic to your website.

However as Facebook and Google algorithms change and evolve, this regularly throws business owners on the back foot.


Social Media Channels
Are You Using The Right Social Channel?

Regularly publishing work on your website will not only keep your search rankings up, it will also demonstrate your reliability and consistency to your potential customers.

Marketing for alternative health therapists usually involves a high level of content that educates customers who may be new to alternative medicine.

Testimonials, case studies, and scientific clinical trials, as well as books, are also effective ways to promote a therapist’s work.

Marketing your new business is not something you should expect to master overnight.

It is not quite so simple as creating a business page on Facebook, and erratically publishing posts on it.  In order to build a successful business with a secure client base, which continually attracts new customers all of these factors have to be considered.

3. Building credibility Online

Global Networking
Global Networking

The quality and regularity of your content will help promote your credibility in your field.

Your writing demonstrates that you are trustworthy and knowledgeable. National and international connections with other experts in your field indicate that you regularly update yourself on industry-wide developments.

Since health care, like many other sectors, is developing constantly with exciting new breakthroughs worldwide, show you are up-to-date.

Publishing new material also shows new clients and customers that you are genuinely interested in continually developing your own skills and sharing your experience.

This is turn will add conviction to your promotional writing, and give you the confidence you need to effectively market your new alternative health business.

4. Unique interactions Are Critical

Marketing for new therapists
Start the conversation

Adding elements of social media, such as Facebook Share buttons, and PINTEREST tags will continue to broaden your reach as these elements promote sharing and interaction.

Anything that promotes comments from your audience provides invaluable customer feedback from your targeted audience.

This two-way conversation will enhance your abilities to meet customer expectations and cater to your customer’s needs.

5. SEO Rankings For Coaches & Entrepreneurs

SEO for new customers
Have You SEO All Your Content?

Search engines, such as Google, rank your site according to the relevancy and regularity of your new material.

Regularly adding new content to your website will enable your services to be easily found on website searches. Once established it will help you to reach new clients and customers every month.

Using keyword searches, up-to-date SEO software, and tools, as well as analytical tools to refine your articles and blogs will give you the edge over your competitors.

If you continually update your research, it will help you to keep in touch with your clients’ needs. Responding to online questions will keep your site and channels up-to-date. For more info on SEO read this

5. THE FUTURE – Marketing For Therapists and Coaches in 2020

Voice Search Ramifications
Voice Search Ramifications

Although video and voice searches are becoming increasingly popular, older audiences like to read to research larger purchases in depth.

If you are still unclear on the age and social demographics of your Ideal Client, then get my FREE IDEAL CLIENT WORKBOOK! (SEE BELOW)

Depending on the age of your target audience, most of this research still happens through reading online articles or watching videos online.

So, it is clear that well-written regular content is essential when starting an alternative health business that could be the difference between success and failure!

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