Taking off the pressure with Online Business Management

Why Do You Need An Online Business Manager?

Overwhelmed by Online Selling?

Online Business Managers can take over Content Production and Social Media posting for your business.

Although regular content production and social media calendars are often left to the last thing on the entrepreneur TO DO lists,  it really needs to be the first.

Using an Online Business Manager (OBM) will increase traffic to your website, which will not only increase your client list but also give you an opportunity to establish yourself locally and internationally.

Hiring an Online Business Manager could be the best thing you will ever do.


1. Website Optimization & SEO


An Online Business Manager can ensure your website is optimized, for rankings in search engines.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is, if it can not be found in online searches. More than 80% of your potential clients will begin their search online, regardless of your business.
Professional services such as therapy and holistic health services are even more likely to be researched online.
The more personal the service, the more likely that your potential clients will research online rather than through personal networks.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that can yield some immediate results, although it normally takes at least 3 months for search engines to update their data.

For example, if you have a slow website, most surfers will automatically skip your site and move onto the next one. Ensuring optimization for mobile devices is also essential.
Slow website speed is a problem that can be fixed relatively quickly, resulting in an immediate increase in traffic to your website.
Broken links and a heavy page load is another problem that can also be fixed relatively quickly. (read more about this HERE)

However, just putting up a beautiful, technically optimized websites is not enough.

To continue to be ranked on search engines, it is important to maintain your website and consistently update the content.

However, SEO is not just about optimizing the technical side of your website, and an Online Business Manager can help you with this. Or read this article today


2. On-Page and Off-page SEO


Online Business Manager helps with SEO questions

Another way of improving your ranking on search engines is to ensure that your website is competitive in your industry.

As alternative health and holistic and spiritual health practices increase in popularity, it is easier and easier to find practitioners wherever you live. 

However, if you are not using the right keywords in the right quantity, your potential clients will not be able to find you.

However, honing your content and style of delivery can not only attract your ideal customers it can also keep them reading long enough to find out about your range of services.

Focusing in on your ideal audience can reap dividends, and you can do this on each page of your website.

Search engines also look at the content of your website and rank the importance of your website on quality and quantity.


3.    Domain authority

Search engines also look at the content of your website and rank the importance of your website on quality and quantity.
Do you have enough pages of high-quality content on your website?
Adding links and backlinks will immediately improve your ranking in search engine results and ensure you continue to rank highly in the future.
You can also start doing this immediately to bring new audiences to your domain, or ask your Content Manager, Web designer or Online Business Manager to do this for you.

4. Social Media

Choosing the right Social Media Channel
Use the right Social Media Channel
Many small businesses do not want to spend all of their marketing  budget on direct advertising, so they often use Social Media to direct traffic to their website.
Different Social Media channels appeal to different demographics: age groups, gender, geographical location, etc.
You may feel you are already on top of things with your Social Media – but is it really working for you?
Is it generating interest in your services and bringing you new clients?
To stay up-to-date can appear to be a huge task – but in reality, once set up,  and targeted with keywords and other SEO strategies, you may be able to manage it all yourself.
It is really dependent on how quickly you want to establish yourself, and your private therapy practice or business.
Organic search can be as effective as paid ads if it is set up correctly and consistently maintained. 
Although it may take longer in the short term to attract the visitors you want to your online shop front, it is something that will continue to work, whilst you sleep.
Focusing on improving the effectiveness of your Social Media channels can also be fun. It can provide you with an opportunity to have direct engagement with your clients, potential customers.
One way you can do this is by finding out more about your Ideal Client.


Free Ideal Client Workbook form
It’s free!
There is a workbook you can look at HERE:
It can also provide you with direct feedback and you can run surveys and competitions.

5. Authentic Marketing


Online Business Manager can help you stay authentic

Marketing can be a difficult area for Holistic healers and small businesses. You really want to just focus on doing what you are best at.
You can learn these new skills, but this will eat into your time. It could also delay your success in working with the people you want to work to work with.
However, authentic marketing is essential for you if you are going to sustain yourself and your business.
Getting help from traditional marketing agencies can be off-putting.  You may have to educate your new marketers/marketing agency first, on why your work is unique and so valuable.
Would you prefer to work with someone who is also a qualified Life Coach, and is experienced in many different types of alternative therapies as well as small business growth?
Or a corporate marketer who normally deals with larger companies?
Handing these tasks over to an expert can free you up to other business growth activities such as personal networking, for example.
Social Media and SEO needs regular management for the best results.
This can be managed by your OBM (Online Business Manager) releasing you to focus on what you do best.
You don’t have to be brilliant at everything. Let us at Words and Pictures look after this side of your business.


6. Would You Like Some Online Selling Help?

If you would like some help setting up your social channels on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or You tube let me know. I can even get you started on Pinterest where over 330 million shoppers look for things to buy every month. (Pinterest Setup Details HERE)

Or let’s talk later this week about your business and how you would like to see your business grow.



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