5 Things To Do BEFORE You Update Your Website

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How Effective is Your Online Shopfront?


In the digital age where fewer and fewer people physically visit their local shops or even a shopping center or shopping mall very often, we can forget that our website design is important because it is our ONLINE SHOPFRONT.

Would you want to visit a shopfront with old, outdated designs in the window, or with a door with broken window frames or which is difficult to open?

Of course, not- so isn’t it time to refresh your website design. This is your ONLINE SHOPFRONT – time for a refresh?


What are the Top 5 Factors You Must Consider Before An Online Upgrade?

  1. Design
  2. Clarity of Information
  3. Flow: your customer journey
  4. Ease of access
  5. Contact Points

1. Design of Website

Website Branding

Don’t overlook the importance of branding. Your potential new clients and customers will make a lot of assumptions about your and your company from your design.

Are you:

  • Young, cheerful, optimistic?
  • Or a traditionalist?
  • Old-school?
  • Long established?

Make sure your branding color and main site images reflect your values, your personality and are true to the values of your company.


2. Clarity of Information On Your New Website

Doesn’t matter how beautiful your design is, if customers can’t find the information, they need to make a decision about your product or service.

What do you do?  How do you do it? How can I find out more?

Ensure these key questions are answered on your main pages, clearly.

Your website also needs to be clear on whatever digital device it is viewed.

If you do not have a responsive theme or inbuilt adjustments in your website design your images and text will look the same size on desktop computers and phones!

It will also result in very slow load speeds on mobile devices.

3. The flow of Information on a New Website


Is your old website easy to navigate or do things keep getting in the way?

Web architecture is a whole area of expertise, more and more necessary for larger companies that need many pages.

However, whether your website is 3 pages or 30 pages thinking about how you want your information to be structured is essential. You can find the basic premises in this article, which are really useful for any company who is beginning to design a new website.

One example of something to think about is the use of pop-ups.

Now, these can be great if handled well – but do they really need to be on every page, and follow the customer through every page on your site?

Or could they be a little more subtle? What is the patience limit of a new potential client?

Would you like to be pestered (ahem … reminded) after 2 seconds of landing on your site?

These are questions only you can answer, not your web designer, as you know your Ideal Customer the best (If not scroll to the bottom of the page for a free workbook).

4. Make It Easy to Find For Search Engines

W & P Website Banner

Once you have designed and structured your website, and loaded it with the relevant content and images, what next?

If you want people to find your website easily in local and international searches on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. your site needs to be ranked.

The ranking of your website is the place your website will appear in an online search, after someone types in a search term.


For example, if I want a window cleaner, tomorrow, I might type in:

“Great window cleaner” and my local postcode.


Your website needs to be search engine optimized -which means that search engines can find it.

It also needs to be fast, as some experts reckon that slow website speed is a key factor in Google searches. This could mean you end up on Page 15, not page 1!

You can start this process yourself – visit my Pinterest board for Do It Yourself Tips

Or You could hire someone to help you

5. Add Social Connection Links On Your Website

Social Media Integrations
Choose the right Channel to meet your audience

OK, back to the pop-ups? Well, they are a great way of getting visitors to tap in their emails so you can send them a follow-up with service prices etc. or add them to your newsletter list.

If you don’t want to do this just ensure you have a clear contact me page on your website menu. This can be integrated with automatic email systems if you do want a price/service list sent out automatically (some email automation programs are free), or you can simply hook up your website with your current email provider.

Adding all your social media links means that customers can look you up, ensure you are a real person, and probably make a decision on what they find.


They can only check you out if you remember to add your social links!!!

So, I hope this article helps you save time and money when updating your online presence.

If you have any questions, drop me a line!

Or Read More About Websites Here

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