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WARNING: bits of sticking tape may not fix your sales pages

Do You Want TO Stand Out Online?

Beat your competitors and reach more customers with great design

If you are reading this page it’s probably because you:

  • Have a business idea but don’t know how to make it profitable
  • You don’t where to start with online sales
  • You have a website but it’s not profitable yet

Although over 80% of us research products and services online before purchasing, it’s difficult for new businesses to sell their products and services because … most business owners don’t want to focus on Online Development and don’t even know how to hire the help they need.

Since marketing skills are not the core of your business – why would  you want to dedicate your valuable time, and energy to it?

How can you stand out online and reach the people you want to help?

you can do one of two things


Maybe it’s ok for you to spend another year (or three), learning about website design, SEO, website traffic analytics, and running Social Media and Paid Advertising Campaigns.

Or would you rather spend your time delivering high quality products and services?


You could spend a lot of money and hire a large Marketing Agency & Social media agency, who normally service large corporate clients, and who have no idea of what you really do.

Not everyone knows how your services and products can impact lives for the better.

This is especially true if you are a therapist or coach and you help people with their emotional and spiritual health.

If you hire the wrong people to help you, it may cost you valuable time and resources explaining yourself.

(And you know many Marketing Agency fees include a hefty chunk of change to cover the cost of their swanky offices!)

When It Makes Sense To Hire A Professional

A professional like myself can give you a highly personalized service and can get this part of your business done for you, in a cost effective and time effective way! 

Common Pitfalls With Marketing Online

As I have also built several businesses myself, I know at the start, your priority is to find customers and clients. But you also want to stay within your budget and not take too many risks ….

So, you procrastinate, get some cheap freelance help, and a year later guess what?

Your great work may have got you some clients through word of mouth BUT

1. No-one (other than family and friends) has visited your website or bought from you

2. You’ve tried writing a few blogs, but that really doesn’t seem to have helped … and you still have not increased your sales

So what you need to ask yourself is THIS:

Are you really ready to grow your business in 2021?


Are you happy staying at the level you are?  

(I’m all for personal happiness, so if you want to stay where you are – great!)

IF NOT: Why not get some Marketing help from someone who:

  1. Won’t charge you corporate fees, because you are not a corporation
  2. Believes in helping new businesses and supporting entrepreneurs like you

Opening a new business can take up every waking minute BUT you don’t have to do everything yourself.




A range of packages to suit every budget

Full service packages include: logo design, lead magnet pages, sales pages and email integrations.

Online SEO included to ensure your pages can be found by search engines & SOCIAL MEDIA integration

Full ackage includes: logo design, branding and all pages



TEMPLATES designed for all your social media channels

Customized images for all your online channels

Social Media Business Account Setup – including Facebook Business Pages & Pinterest Business Account Setup

Full ckage includes: logo design, branding and all pages

People Who I've Worked With ....

“It was lovely to chat and I wanted to say how generous you were with your advice too. I wasn’t expecting all of that and it was really helpful. I’ll be reworking all my content once I’ve got clearer on my ICA.”
Jen Richardson
Intuitive Coach
“Thank you! It was very enlightening and surprising. I will heed your words and consider where I need to invest most.
(Zen Sensations)”
April Cacciatori
BMC Founder
“I enjoyed your warm, patient, competent approach! I appreciate that you are down to earth, systematic and precise about the recommendations you gave me!”
Marketing for healers
Georgina Dalet
Holistic Coach

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Get some clarity on what you need to do next to reach more people and become more profitable


This 20-30 minute consultation will help you determine your best course of action and is free of charge. You will be asked to answer a few questions about your business or business idea so I can advise you better.