Content Creation and Strategy

Stuck for Ideas Or Struggling To Generate Enough Fresh Content?

Although SEO has the largest ROI for online businesses, many new businesses find it difficult to construct a consistent content strategy. Are you one of them?

I get it! It takes time and a lot of energy, after you have done all of the appropriate research, to get results!

I have been writing for my own websites since 2003, and initially made the same mistake as many others do thinking if I put my work out there on the web, the right people would just “find” it!

Since retraining in the use of SEO for websites and online content I have been writing regularly for companies and agencies since 2015. I have the skills and experience to write on just about any topic. However I specialize in writing about Health, Productivity, Remote working and lifestyle.

Starting A New Business & Need Content?

If you don’t know how to create a Content Strategy that will work for your business and how to post effectively on Social Media you may want to start with SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is not something you can master in a day or even a week, but you can make a start straight away. (Check out my blog for great beginner posts)

If you simply do not have the brain space or the time to personally work on this side of your business – it’s time to get some help.

Wouldn’t you like an evergreen system that brings potential new customers to your website, even when you are asleep?

Don’t procrastinate and take a step in the right direction by prioritising this great evergreen source of web traffic.

More About Me

After starting out as a creative writer, I was published in magazines, anthologies, books, and had my work broadcast by BBC Radio and BBC2 television. I have also have won international writing fellowships and Arts Council of England Awards. I have written guides, poetry, plays, video texts, and reviews, which can be found on Amazon.

I enjoy working with new people and having a varied diet of projects, so do get in touch if you would like some professional help with your SEO content production, wherever you are in your business journey.

Whether you are just launching your first ever website, or an established business it’s never too early to take advantage of increased web traffic. SEO Content normally takes up to 3 months before showing up in your statistics but will then continue to attract new customers forever.

For examples of my published blogs, guest posts and articles :TAKE A LOOK AT MY PORTFOLIO

How I Work

If you would like regular content for your website over the coming year, I would first arrange a call with you to discuss your business aims before preparing a proposition for you based on your needs.

You can expect full SEO keyword research, competitor analysis and a complete 6-12 month content calendar created in consultation with you or your marketing department.

All of your content will be delivered promptly with:

  • Optimized images, correctly tagged
  • Articles at your desired word length
  • Content targeted to appeal to your audience
  • 2-4 keyword clusters for each piece of content

Alternatively, If you would like to start with a few blogs you can purchase 2-4 blogs and fill in the form HERE

If you are ready – let’s talk.

Or just drop me a line below