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Just setting up a website is no gurantee of getting website visitors.

Website traffic can be increased through advertising, SEO, and by using social media.

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When I first started a business over 25 years ago I used to write letters! Those days are far gone, although you could send a letter to your potential new customers – it would surprise them!
Since most of my business contacts were via phone and face to face meetings I did not have to consider my online prescence, although I always had a website.

Of course, like anything else, I was happy with my progress, so why change?

In this century, there are very few industries where you can ignore the power of being visible online – whether it’s through your website, your Twitter account, or just on Facebook. (We all know the millions spent and made on Facebook every year, pandemic or no pandemic!)

Don’t avoid the issue of being visible online because you don’t know where to start. If you want more business, you cannot lose anything by being more visible online.

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