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Facing Terrible Numbers After Pinterest Changes Algorithm in 2020?

Blog on how to stop losing webtraffic after Pinterest changes in 2020

Why is my Pinterest traffic falling out of the sky? A lot of people have seen dramatic changes to their Pinterest analytics due to the changes in the way the Pinterest platform works in 2020. Even me! I was just about to hit a million monthly views, when my traffic started to drop. I had reached to 960,000 monthly views, and then, within a couple of weeks, it was 20% of that. The algorithm changed, quite dramatically! So, if your Pinterest account has been giving you less and less traffic over the last few months, you are definitely not alone! 1. Pinterest algorithm changes announced February 2020 We were actually warned about forthcoming changes to how Pinterest works back in February 2020, but you, like most of us probably took it with a pinch of salt. They could not be SERIOUS right? Yes, it turns out they were! Since most…

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