Parm Kaur, Owner of Words & Pictures

About Parm Kaur

Parm Kaur established Words & Pictures, to help coaches, therapists, solopreneurs and businesses reach clients who need their products and services.

Experienced in creating excellent, effective SEO content, videos and social media posts, for your website, your blog and your Social Media Channels. Whatever stage your business is at today I deliver cost-effective value packages designed just for you.


Winner of many national, and international arts and writing awards, and holder of International Fellowships from the Hawthornden and Lausanne Foundations, as well as NESTA, and the Arts Council of England. Parm Kaur has an ability to connect with all kinds of audiences all over the world in a meaningful way,

Her work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Radio 4 and BBC 2 television and she has been published in journals, magazines, national and international anthologies worldwide & her cutting edge award-winning poetry, video, and sound installations have been exhibited in London and Valencia, Spain.

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After living and working all over the world, after the last recession in 2008, she wrote the book:

“Exit Strategies how to leave in 6 weeks or less”, for people in a rush to relocate on a limited budget. In 2019 she established Alternative Health Webinars Ltd, to help alternative holistic health professionals promote their services.

In the last five years, she has been combining her creative expertise and knowledge to help entrepreneurs, businesses, and coaches to reach the people that need their services.


  • Creation Of A Content Plan, SEO – that will save you money on ads
  • Boosting Web traffic To Sales Pages
  • Managing Your Business Pinterest Account or Setup
  • Refreshing or maintaining your website
  • Business & Life Balance Coaching Sessions