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6 Steps for Branding Your Business Online

Why is Branding So Important For Your New Business?

Many new companies forego branding when they are starting up, or get lost in designing logos and designs.

It can become just one of many things you really need to do, if you listen to what the new business gurus say, and yet it often falls to the bottom of the “TO DO” list.

Business Gurus often tell you :

The  most important thing is the website 

No business can succeed without branding

Social Media is the most important thing

None of the above is completely true, it all depends on what your business is trying to sell.

However, if you are serious and want your work to be recognised and visible to the audience of customers and clients you want to serve, then branding is one way of distinguishing yourself from all of the others out there.

The online world is as crowded as the real world, and however brilliant you are (and I am sure you are brilliant and offer a unique service to the world) no-one can benefit from what you have to offer if they can’t find you.

One other critical thing that the marketing gurus often don’t tell you, is that your branding will develop as your business develops.

TOP TIP: If you don’t have a huge start up budget don’t hire a Branding Expert from the get go!

DIY it!

When I first started out I thought about branding a lot (weeks!!). Then, partly because of my background as a visual artist I got distracted and spent far too much time with pretty colours, and logos and fonts and all of the rest of it. However I still didn’t really have any clue really what I was doing UNTIL I discovered the ONE thing which made it all really easy.

I include this ONE THING in My 6 Steps to Branding. This factsheet will get you started and help you nail your branding in one day!

Avoid losing weeks, or even months in procrastination and follow these step by step guidelines to define your branding. This factsheet will save you LOADS OF TIME & HEAPS OF MONEY!




If you want to skip the design process – or just don’t have the time I have created some templates you can easily customize, by adding your business details and quickly changing the branding colours and fonts.

These templates comes with a FREE TUTORIAL which will guide you through how to do this with a free software program called CANVA.  In less than 10 minutes you could be up and running with your new templates, for your website and your Social Media posts including Pinterest!.

Find out more about that HERE

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