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6 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Important For Your New Business

Why Blogging Is So Important For New Business & How to Start


When starting your own business there are a lot of things you need to learn, and you may want to outsource all of your marketing. However, if you do not have a huge budget, and many small business owners don’t, you will want to do as much as you can yourself.

Your blog is essential for your new business as it can:

  1. Establish your authority
  2. Enable your potential customers to know, like and trust you
  3. Showcase the benefits of your products and services
  4. Build website traffic to your site
  5. Grow your email list
  6. Potentially cut your advertising budget needs by up to 100%

Your business blog will help you establish your authority in your field as you demonstrate not only your knowledge, but also outline your experience at a deeper level.

Many new business owners discover a successful business blog is an effective way of being seen as an “expert”, on a specific topic or area and your blog may even lead to unexpected opportunities:

  • being invited to speak on podcasts
  • be interviewed by the press
  • boosting your social media followers

The whole world of content marketing versus paid advertising may seem something you can avoid. You have a great idea, right? It will sell itself online, once you build a website, right?

Erm …. sorry to break the news to you but “build it and they will come” does not apply to websites

A. Different Types Of Content

microphone setup with macbook for professional podcaster

Content creation does not have to be just about producing written blogs.  It’s also good to plan your strategy out in advance. You will not feature in search results immediately as a new business blog, an most bloggers do not see an increase in website visitors for at least 3 months after they begin, unless they couple their blog launch with a social media strategy.

There is more than one type of content and some would argue that there has never been a better time to start a podcast or video blog given the popularity of video and audio channels today. We live in a digital world and your target market may prefer to watch video or listen to audio.

It really is more about what your ideal customer wants – do they prefer to read, listen or watch video?

So how can blogging, written, video or audio, help your new business grow?

B. Content Marketing Is Evergreen

Once you establish a blog on your new company website, everything you put there will be available forever. Your blog will continue to attract new potential customers to your business in your sleep, as long as your website is up.

Statistics show that content marketing can be even more effective than paid advertising, as customers automatically ban advertising from their browers and get used to clicking off online ads whilst surfing online.

Blogging is a great opportunity to attract customers – as you sleep!

C. How To Start Blogging

1. Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

The step that most new bloggers and business owners forget however, is to identify their target audience and write for them.

Most new business owners only have a very hazy idea of who their target customer is, at the beginning of their business journey. For example, if you are selling cake icing sets, you will know that your target customer is someone who likes baking.

  • But do you know:
  • Where they live?
  • How old they are?
  • Why they would like your icing set in particular?

Defining your target customer takes research and time, and your blog can help you focus in on who your product really appeals to – if you don’t want to spend time on surveys, and running ads and then analysing all the data.

In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover your product is a hit in a different region, or even country than you previously imagined! Establishing a blog and tracking your analytics will provide a treasure trove of data, which is all free!

(If you want to dive deeper into defining your Ideal Customer grab this free workbook HERE)

2. Why SEO Is So Important

You may have heard a lot about SEO, and ignored it as too advanced for you.

However small your business a small amount of knowledge can exponentially build your effectiveness online on your website and in your social media campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easier for people online to find you and your company. You can optimize for your particular industry, your speciality as well as your location.

Search Engine Optimization includes much more than the content part of your website. However, in order for your website to be easily found by search engines like Google, there are many things you can do.

The first would be to ensure that you are using the key search terms that your potential customers look for when searching for a product or service similar to yours.

Using key word tools such as Uber suggest, can show you what services clients and customers are searching for, and how often. By using these terms in your blog posts, you can easily improve your rankings.

For example

If I was selling cake icing sets, I would type in icing sets into the google search engine, and see what the results were – this would give me a clue to what my ideal customer is looking for and likes.

If you are a brick and mortar-based business it makes sense to mention your location, your region and other ways people can reach you, prominently in each of your blog posts.

Adding outbound and inbound links is also something which will improve your website rankings and if you write guest posts for relevant business blogs in your niche, this will improve your domain ranking too.

However, Search Engines can take from 1 to 3 months to update their results, and SEO is a long-term strategy which should part of your monthly to do tasks.  Even ten hours a week can lead to huge results over the course of your first year.

In the long-term this investment will reward you by decreasing the amount of money you need to use on advertising every year, and bring you continual web traffic.

Additionally. if you are writing your blog on a WordPress site there many free plugins and tools which will help turn your good content into great content, such as Yoast.

The better your content the more website traffic your will win, however blog content alone will not bring you more web traffic.

If your website is slow to load, or badly designed that may put your ideal customer off when they arrive. (Tips on increasing website speed read my blog HERE).

Design is an important factor but if you are already using a template page designed by your website designer, your blog design should not be an issue.

If you want more information, checkout my articles on how to improve your SEO   

3. What Do I Blog About?

Starting a small business blog (or any blog), is a great way to show off your expertise about your product or service.

However, tempting it may be to outsource this part of your marketing it’s really beneficial to you in the long term to write your own blog, at least to begin with.

You may throw up your hands at this and protest that you are not a great writer. Well, no one was born a great writer and I would argue that you are probably much better than you think you are.

Blog articles don’t have to be in-depth articles, or even very long to begin with. In fact, some of the best blogs are loved because they clearly reflect the business owner’s voice – and you could even begin by talking about why you started out in your business.

If you can share your story in your blog posts your audience will learn more about you, and begin to like and trust you as you share your expertise.

It’s a good idea to write six to eight blogs to get your website up and running and establish your “brand voice”, before you outsource this side of your business.

These blogs can include your story of how you set up your business, and other relevant content that your customer may need.

For example, perhaps your cake icing set is made from environmentally friendly materials, or there is a story you could share about how you selected the colours for your icing set.

Your blog may also contain “how to” blogs which detail the best practices for using your product, case studies or common mistakes to avoid when using your product.

A successful blog must be informative, interesting as well as a true reflection of your personality or “brand” to turn your visitors into new customers on a regular basis.


4. How Often Should I Blog?

Adding fresh content to your blog on a regular basis will keep it relevant for your ideal audience, as well as keeping it to the top of search engine rankings.

Although industry experts recommend blogging at least 3 times a week to establish a new blog, 4 times a week has been defined as the ideal amount if you want to increase your traffic this way.

This is a big commitment; however, you can start with smaller blog posts of around 4-500 words which may be perfect for your social media followers.

 How regular you add to your post depends on your time availability and budget, however whatever schedule you decide upon it is better to be regular rather than sporadic.

There are millions of websites out there which haven’t been updated in years.

Additionally, it’s worth thinking about how your website visitors will feel when they first visit your website and discover your website blog has not been updated in months or even years.

(As I write my own 2 blogs as well writing for other people- I still struggle with this too!)


Since most visitors to your site, will not become customers on their first visit you will want to collect their details in order to keep them updated about your future offers and deals.

The best way to do this is through collecting emails and turning your blog readers intodesign subscribers.

This may seem like hard work but the good news is that email integration and automation is really easy to do, and most email subscription services are free up to a certain number of subscribers.

Programs like MailChimp and free programs such as Mailerlite, which are easy to navigate. Within an hour you can have a form or POPUP designed and ready to embed in your new company website.


Integrating your social media pages into your blog, will allow your readers to share the blog posts they like with their friends at a click of a button. It does not matter if you are not active on all social media platforms, you can start with just one and add more when you are ready. This will grow your website traffic more quickly than relying purely on SEO.

To grab the attention of your Ideal Customers use designs that they will like, don’t leave this important element out.  You can use free software to help you.


FREE CANVA templates can make your life a lot easier!

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  • Creating regular content can save you huge amounts on advertising.
  • New content can help your customers find you and save you time chasing cold leads.
  • Results from content production take time, but once they take off you can have access to new customers for life.
  • Your content format needs to be something you feel comfortable doing regularly and appeal to your potential customers.

Just take a look at the number of views one of my blog posts got in less than 3 months!

I hope this blog post has helped YOU get started.

I also offer content creation services and if you think you could use a hand getting your blog up and running, or just need a break from blogging


Do reach out if you would like any help getting your blog off the ground or grab one of my free BLOGS OR factsheets.

Or drop me a line below, if you have any questions.




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