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5 Ways To Boost Your Productivity with Inspirational Wall Art

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Art can do more than just cheer up a dull office wall

Staying creative can be a struggle when you are starting your own business or building your freelance career.

There are many ways to stimulate the creative part of your brain on a daily basis. One way is to surround yourself with art.

Did you know that looking at art has an impact on your emotions and brain wave patterns as well as the entire nervous system?

Scientific research has shown that looking at art can actually raise your serotonin levels (your happiness brain chemical),  almost immediately.

Art can also completely change how people look at the world and their outlook on life.

The writer Jacob Davaney states that neural stimulation occurs, possibly at the same level of when the artist was creating the art work itself, when you view a work of art.

Can you imagine making the same neural connections in your brain as your favourite artist, when they were creating?

Davaney goes on to say that this can be defined as:

“making new neural pathways and stimulating a state of inspiration. This sense of being drawn into a painting is called “embodied cognition”.

So how is this possible?

Scientific studies show that viewing a beautiful piece of art increases the blood flow to the brain.

Enhanced blood flow improves your mental and physical performance as more nutrients are delivered to your cells, especially oxygen,

In one scientific study participants received brain scans after viewing some art. It was something they considered beautiful – either a landscape, a still life, or a portrait.

Brain flow increased by 10% which is the same level of increase you experience when looking at someone you love or care about.

Other scientific studies show that the awe and inspiration we experience when viewing art, actually lowers inflammation in the body which is often the first symptom of developing chronic conditions.  

Increased inflammation levels lead to pain, heart disease, obesity, migraines, diabetes, stroke, fibromyalgia, cancer and many other chronic health conditions.

So, viewing art regularly can not only increase your productivity it can also significantly decrease the harmful effects of stress on the body, decreasing inflammation and the possibility of ill health.

Paintings by Monet, Inges and Constable typically produce the most powerful “pleasure” response.

1. REVIEW Your Home Office Wall Hangings

The first step to maximise the productivity boost potential of your home office is to review what you currently have on your walls.

You can categorise your current offerings into:

  • Functional or
  • Inspirational

So, you may already have useful calendars or targets displayed prominently on your home office walls.

However, with a little rearranging it may be possible to make space for some inspirational art work.

Not all of your wall decoration needs to be functional or dull.

In fact you could create your own beautiful images, like I have done below:

2. SELECT Images That You Love

A. Choose Large prints of your favourite pieces of art.

Although the most powerful artists, in terms of increasing blood flow to the brain are Monet, Constable and Ingres these may not be your favourite artists.

Select the artists that you love and adore and purchase prints online. They can often be purchased already framed so there is very little you have to do other than put it on the wall.

B. Your Personal Favourite Landscapes


Sea or rural views do not necessarily need to be prints of famous artists work; they could be your own favourite enlarged photos of your favourite places. These will engender the same feelings and stimulate blood flow to the brain.

Landscape and coastal views also act as small windows out of your home office and bring the outside in, making it a more pleasant place to work.

Why not have a go at editing your favourite photos with the easy to use CANVA FREE SOFTWARE

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C. Family Photographs

Small family photos displayed in same size frames are eye catching

Since looking at people you love increases the blood flow to the brain, at the same rate as looking at art, using photographs or drawings of your favourite people on your wall are a great way of increasing your productivity at home.

One idea for a pleasing arrangement could be a collection of photos in same size frames.

You can easily create a mosaic of all of your favourite people to enjoy looking at every day, in a place where you can easily view it.

For design tips on how you can easily edit your great photos to make them even better read MY BLOG POST HERE

D. Inspirational Posters

Another way to engender feelings of pleasure in your surroundings is to include images that you personally find inspiring.

Buildings, bridges or even institutions of some great places you would like to visit in the future are a great idea. Perhaps a shot of iconic monuments such as the Statue of Liberty, or the Golden Gate Bridge. These images can be powerful markers of your own intention.


E. Special Events Memories

movie posters used as wall art

Framed Posters of events you have enjoyed in the past that remind you of pleasant experiences can also add colour and poignancy to your collection of wall art.

When spending time in your home office it’s great to have visual reminders of events you have enjoyed with friends and family such as theatre shows, film viewings, book readings and musical concerts.

Why not scan and print out favourite posters of shows and use them as black and white posters for your wall?


Whatever your interest in psychology or the recent collaborations between artists and scientists you can be sure that you can measure for yourself the pleasure you feel when you view something you love on the walls of your home office.

Since we have seen pleasure or “happiness” improves our productivity it is easy to take a small action to improve our surroundings.

Working creatively, whilst staying productive is challenging, whichever industry you are in, however taking control of our immediate surroundings can be incredibly empowering.

It you a digital nomad, you wall covering may have to be more portable and durable, as you may often be travelling from one place to another. Poster tubes are a great way of travelling with art prints and are available as cardboard or more durable plastic tubes.

Whatever your personal situation there are many inexpensive ways you can inspire yourself daily with the images you view on your home office walls.

This is a small project which could have huge benefits to both your productivity, and your mental and physical health.


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