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4 Ways To Optimize Your Morning Routine For Productivity

Have You Optimized Your Morning Routine for Success?

Financially successful business people rely on morning routines so could a new morning routine successfully boost your productivity?

The extremely successful Tim Ferris and globally recognised life coach Tony Robbins often speak about how their morning routines are key to their personal and professional success.

Since the beginning of the year when work routines were disrupted globally, due to the global pandemic, many workers created a different morning routine as they were forced to work remotely.

An effective morning routine will increase your productivity by optimising your physical and mental powers every day, how effective is yours?

1. What is a Morning Routine?

Waking Up Ready For The Day

Are You Waking Up Everyday Ready For The Day?

A routine is simply a series of repetitive tasks. Since your will power, optimism and self-discipline peak in the morning you have the best chance to get the things you really want to get done, done.

A completed morning routine will release one of our happy hormones, dopamine. Even if your morning routine consists only of getting up, making your bed and getting dressed every day, you will start the day in the right “mood”.

If you get your morning routine right, you will start the day motivated, energised and focused.

2. How Does a Morning Routine Work?

Getting Distracted All The Time Slows You Down

Avoid procrastination!

When you are working for yourself at home, or are away from your usual office colleagues, it can be tempting to hit the snooze button in the morning.

Ignoring the alarm in the morning or turning it off seriously affects your productivity during the day, according to scientists from the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS), who have proved that:

 “hitting snooze again and again results in memory loss, less reaction capacity and decreased performance during the day”.

A morning routine will also help you avoid procrastination. If is easy to take extra-long over your breakfast, reading or listening to the news, just in order to delay your start in your “home office”.

It is more productive to honestly admit to yourself when you are slipping into procrastination that could completely derail your day.

A morning routine can encompass everything your do the whole hour or two, from the minute you open your eyes to when you sit down to your desk. Similar to the commuting routine when working in a traditional office, an effective morning routine quickly becomes a good habit, which you don’t have to think about.

It will become your non-negotiable start to the day, which you know will guarantee your absolute best start. After 50-90 days it will be as regular as brushing your teeth in the morning.

Whether you are organising your day in time blocks, with the Pomodoro technique (Read more about that  here), or simply with 5-minute breaks every hour or 90 minutes you can design your daily work routine easier so it becomes automatic.


3. What is Your Current Morning Routine?

Most routines include the following 4 elements:

Everyday walking for productivity
Walk every day

A. Physical exercise

This can be anything from 10 minutes of stretches, or a short walk outside, to a full body workout. It effectively wakes up the mind and body and makes us ready for the day.

Whatever you chose it will not only aid your focus and concentration, it will also reduce your anxiety and keep you fit. Studies have also shown that exercise can even increase your wealth.

B. Meditation

10 minutes spent in stillness every morning can ensure we stay calm and focused throughout out the day and avoid rushing from one thing to another.

This time can be spent reminding ourselves of our long-term goals, appreciating what we have and practicing gratitude, in meditation, or prayer. Whatever your personal preferences taking some quiet time as part of your morning routine can transform how you experinece your day.

Daily meditation has been shown to increase our productivity by developing the pre-frontal cortex of the brain and increases your ability to multitask.

C. Goal setting

Planning for productivity
Plan for success

A further 5-10 minutes considering the top 3 goals for the day will ensure we stay focused on the most important things.

If you also visualise yourself completing these tasks you are much more likely to be successful.

 (TIP: Visualisation also works if you practice completing key tasks the next day as you

 slip off to sleep the night before!)

If you end your goal setting with affirmations said out loud they will help your focus and they will counter any negative self-talk. Scientifically proven to boost your well-being, productivity and health affirmations are a great way to start your day and really need to be part of your morning routine.

D. Eating right for productive days at work

Healthy Eating For Productivity
Eat Right To Work Well

What, when and how we first eat in the mornings, influences how we feel when we sit down to our desks – or walk over to them if you are using the Innovation Standing desk (Insert Link)

Most nutritionists recommend that we take our breakfast within the first hour after waking, and fuel ourselves with healthy fats and proteins like eggs and milk which also release the “happy hormone” serotonin.

For more diet tips on eating right for optimum brain power check out this article HERE

4. Experiment with Creating Your Own Perfect Morning Routine

Like most freelancers working from home means normally involves working for many “bosses”. Sometimes my exact hours have been determined by my employers, or other tasks, such as writing I am free to do during any part of the day.

Over the last four years of working completely from home, I have had many different morning routines. I have even made commitments to myself to not have a routine, just to see if it affected my overall productivity. However, no two people are exactly the same

Setting Goals for productivity
Set Goals And Achieve Them!

I have found a morning routine extremely productive and effective in balancing my work and personal goals.

Setting the top 3 goals for the day really improves focus, and productivity. Clearly these three goals may have to change if something else happens during the day, but keeping them at the forefront of your mind does prevent distractions. 

Exercise too can often slip off your priority list, especially if you do not have an accountability partner. However, if you build ten minutes of exercise into your morning routine you will stay more aware of your body throughout the day. Staying mindful, and in touch with your body can prevent eye strain, back problems and burnout.

Ultimately only you can decide how you would like to set up your day for maximum productivity, and ease. You may need to experiment with what you need to feel ready for each day – however consciously incorporating elements of all of the above factors into your morning routine will make a difference.

Enjoy greater productivity every day and remember:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


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