3 Reasons Why You Really Can’t Afford or Need A Website Yet

Do You Really Need A Website?

Are You Making The Biggest Investment Mistake?

If you are starting a new business, whether its service based or selling products don’t fall into the trap of investing a huge amount of money into a website immediately.

This is a difficult thing for new entrepreneurs to grasp because they don’t fully understand the function of a website.

There are millions of websites all over the world which do absolutely nothing for their owners.

They may only get a few views a month, because their owners don’t know anything about how a website could work for their business.

New business owners who invest thousands in a new website, without fully understanding it’s place in their marketing strategy, end up with an expensive brochure that they have online.

If you would like to save yourself a lot of time and money, it is wise to invest in creating a strategy for your marketing and sales before making investment mistakes. (BOOK A FREE CALL HERE)

1. Why Do New Business Websites Fail?

New business websites fail because often they are simply

  • Badly written
  • Badly designed
  • Too slow
  • Lack SEO
  • Have no traffic strategy

New business owners end up with expensive online brochures because they don’t understand how to:

  1. Collect leads
  2. Build an email list
  3. Get web traffic

So, if you don’t need  a website when you are starting out – what do you need?

2. Alternatives to Websites


A landing page is an online page where you send your customers. This is often their first interaction with you and your business.  It is a really good way of testing out a business idea, without spending thousands.

A landing page can be thrown up for free.  It will also force you to clarify your offers, ideas, and services until you are ready to invest in a full website.

How to Get A Landing Page for Free

Most email providers will allow you to build a landing page for free, and provide you with all the online tools that you need. You can also integrate a payment provider such as PayPal or Stripe or use it to collect email addresses.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to do this. All email providers have “how to” videos on everything from set up to design.

This zero-cost landing page and email collection option is the secret that most online marketers will not tell you about.

The free entry point, (normally up to your first 1000 followers), that many email providers offer, such as Mailchimp or Mailer lite are a great place to start.

If you don’t want to worry about email integrations, and landing pages then there are alternatives.


Business Facebook page advantages

You can sell directly from a business Facebook page, which takes less than five minutes to setup. The advantage of establishing a presence on Facebook is that you can also run ads to your page when you are ready, really easily.

Of course, you can not put as much information on a business page as you may feel that you need, however you can directly link to a products page online, or even a simple google document where you can outline your services or products in more detail.


Many small business owners advertise directly to the public via eBay or Etsy. Of course, there are small fees involved, but you do have an audience directly from the platform. You can also advertise your products directly on the platform.

online shopping page

3. The Right Time To Build A Website

If you want to sell your services or products on line then you may choose to invest in a full website or sales funnel eventually.

The time to do this is when:

1. You have a full marketing and sales strategy and know what role your website will play in this


2. When you have a launch strategy in place, to drive web traffic to your website either through organic traffic, social media or paid ads

Once you know all of these things, then, and only then should you invest in your website. Remember a website is not just for Xmas! It will need ongoing maintenance!

To read more about what you need before purchasing your first website read this BLOG HERE


You can give me a call if you want advice on your overall marketing and sales strategy HERE

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