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19 Interesting Podcasts You Should Listen To

Top Podcasts For Inspiration in All Areas Of Your Life

When you are working remotely it’s easy to feel disconnected to the world. One way of combating this, without increasing your screen time and eye strain from watching tv, is listening to inspirational and business podcasts.

Over 30% of Americans, and around 20-25% of Europeans listen to podcasts every week  as they are a great way of catching up on information, and more.

Top podcast publishers include the New York Times, and TED talks who pull in millions of listeners every year.

This article will look at podcasts specifically geared to different areas of your life – including inspirational and philosophical podcasts as well as podcasts dedicated to sharing business success stories or helping you to grow your business podcasts.


Listen and Learn Whilst Remote Working
  1. Remote Work Podcast by Job can der Voort is about everything to do with working remotely, from home or as a digital nomad. Each podcast lasts between 25 to 45 minutes and they have been running since the beginning of 2019.

2. Reimagine Work Podcast is hosted by Paul Millert and broadcast every Wednesday. Described as a “casual coffee chat”, episodes vary in length but are normally run to 30-60 minutes in length.

Millert features conversations with a range of freelancers, philosophers and entrepreneurs.

He dives deep into the possibilities of unconventional living, corporate culture creativity and personal reinvention as well as leisure.

3. Building Remote Teams is a new challenge to many people but not for all. Matt Mullernweg who created WordPress with workers from over 76 countries discusses the challenges and benefits of working with talent from all over the world.

His podcast is called Distributed with Matt. He interviews hardnosed successful entrepreneurs as well as looking at the future of work more philosophically.


4. If you are interested in really short bursts of tips and inspiration for working better, The New Corner Office hosted by the author Laura Vanderkam could be perfect for you. Her business podcast is created for both home workers and entrepreneurs.

Her podcasts are around 5 minutes and consider things like “How to Manage Screen Time Effectively”.

5. She also hosts a time management podcast called Before Breakfast,  which presents a new solution every day on how to get more done in less time.

6. A little longer at around 15 minutes per episode, REMOTELY EFFECTIVE with Thomas Lattimore provides easy to apply advice for remote workers. So whether you are working remotely due to Covid-19 or just because you’ve realized how brilliant it is to work from home (some of us have known for a while ….) this can be great short burst of inspiration which is more practical than most business podcasts.

7. If you struggle with meeting your own expectations whilst working at home BEYOND THE TO-DO LIST, may be the podcast for you. Erik Fisher interviews real people about productivity strategies both in their professional and personal lives.

8. The Productive Woman hosted by Laura McClellan helps women in particular to manage their lives better.

Recent podcasts include an Interview with Whitnee Hawthorne a busy mom and executive of a Fortune 500 company.

However, some days you don’t want to think about work, or management, or productivity but you do need to be inspired by an intelligent source.

Podcasts for INSPIRATION

9. If you want to know how all the big business were built from Walt Disney to New Coke and hear about the stories behind the news Business Movers is a great new podcast on entrepreneurship stories.

Similar in scope to the longer running How I Built This, from NPR. He also looks at the personal stories behind the success stories once a week for around an hour. This podcast is based on the book of the same name.

10. The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry, who also published a book with the same name, consists of podcasts around 25 minutes in length. He takes an encompassing look at life and work in general and how different strategies can keep you healthy and productive.

11. If you are struggling to stay creative you may love the short podcasts from business strategist and digital visionary Nathalie Lussier. A successful entrepreneur herself, her short 10-minute podcasts Off The Charts  will help boost your creative thinking. Business podcasts often overlook how to develop our thinking processes to stay agile and adaptable in business so this is a good one to try out.


12. If you want a daily burst of inspiration and ideas around management practices then the podcast for you is  Entre Leadership.

Dave Ramsey interviews the best and the brightest from all fields of business and discusses business strategies, mindset and much more.

13. Alternatively Weekly podcasts are available for those who prefer a more laid-back approach to the culture of leadership, which is nonetheless just as diverse. Richard Rierson has hosted the show  Dose of Leadership for over eight years. He interviews experts who discuss spiritual and practical aspects of leadership. Podcasts last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Entrepreneurship Podcasts

14. Rachel Hollis from New York is a best-selling author, and broadcasts weekly for around 50 minutes every Tuesday. She interviews people from business, and the media and also explores motivation and health topics too. More than most business podcasts Rachel is an honest and generous hostess who not only interviews top figures from around the world but also shares stories of her own business journey. Easy to listen to and full of great tips.

15. Online Marketing Made Simple by the indominable Amy Porterfield is a must for all new online business owners. Boundless enthusiasm from this generous highly experienced entrepreneur who has years of experience on what does and does not work for new online business building. Her huge library of podcasts is a great training for everyone and covers all aspects of building a business online. Check it out.

16. If you are really hard pressed for time the Six Minute CEO Podcast may be for you – it’s the perfect length to listen to whilst you take your first hot drink in the morning. Hosted by Ally Lozano it covers sales, social media and conversion as well as general marketing tips.

17. From Scratch is especially created for entrepreneurs or anyone interested in the process of turning an idea into successful business. Full of interviews with entrepreneurs at every stage of business building and it is hosted by Jessica Harris. Episodes are normally around 30 minutes in length.

More on Entrepreneurship from Spotify.

If you are interested in setting up your own business – here is an invaluable list

Thought-Provoking Podcasts

box of ideas online podcasts

These two podcasts are guaranteed to get you out of your own bubble, giving you an opportunity to think about something completely different to what you normally think about for half an hour or longer.

These podcasts can literally be a breath of fresh air, providing the best sources of information worldwide on specific topics in a short period of time.

18. If you want intelligent inspirational talks from some of the best thinkers in the world, you can’t go wrong with TED TALKS DAILY, who bring in global experts from all fields. From IT Data analysts, neuroscientists and environmentalist. Guaranteed to take you out of your work mindset and refresh your thinking for 10-15 minutes every day.

19. For a short escape into a completely different fictional world they are millions of fiction and non-fiction books available as audio books on Audible and similar online platforms. One podcast that gives you a chapter a day from a well written mystery novel is Phoebe Reads A Mystery.


Podcasts are just as easy as switching on the television or the radio. The difference is that what you hear could help you transform your life. Or simply give you a great boost of energy as you listen to how other people are working, leading, or simply living their lives.

What are your favourite podcasts – I would love to know. Drop a comment below!

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