12 Steps to Professional, Effective Pin Design

How Can You Get More Clicks on Pinterest?

If you have been pinning images to your Pinterest account but haven’t seen many clicks to your website what can you do to improve your click rate? Pin design is critical for success on Pinterest, especially Pinterest Business accounts.

Just saving images from your website and sales pages does not work, pins they need to be designed specifically for Pinterest. You can use Pinterest effectively as a marketing tool, to drive more traffic to your website and increase brand awareness if you get your pin design right.


The Pinterest algorithm changes periodically, and this year the latest changes have seen dramatic drops in many Pinterest account numbers worldwide. More recently Pinterest analytics, and the ability to use Tailwind on most browsers has also been temperamental, to say the least! FOR MORE DETAILS READ THIS BLOG POST HERE

In 2020 regularly creating new content is the fastest way of gaining more views on Pinterest – but they have to be effective as well as gorgeous!

  • You also need to ensure that each pin you create takes your follower to a relevant page on your website. Just directing all your followers to your homepage will leave them feeling frustrated. Who has the time to look around your website?
Better Design Drives More Traffic

PLUS In this article I will also talk a little about pin descriptions as they should be given as much attention as your pin design if you want to rank higher in Pinterest searches, in my opinion. Pin descriptions are a critical part of how Pinterest ranks your pins.

Pins can be a really effective marketing tool, and if you are using Pinterest to grow your business you need to start following the 12 steps below. Most of them can be adopted very easily, and you may find you getting better results from Pinterest is easy when you know how!

1. What makes a good pin – according to Pinterest?

Lucy Matthews Pinterest Partnership mnager recently outlined what Pinterest findings on what makes a popular pin.

She suggested that each pin needed to have at least 2 out of the following:

  • Novel – unique, and relevant to current trends
  • Positive – evoke pleasant experiences and feelings
  • Visual appeal – interesting image, little text
  • Attainable – inspire actions which are within reach of the viewer
  • Actionable – depictions of activities that pinners can try, make or do

In addition Lucy suggests that each pin title needs to be easy to read, and relevant to the page it is linking too. Pin descriptions should also clearly describe the benefit of clicking on the pin, and the first 50-60 characters of the pin description are the most important.

2. Pin Size and Orientation

The ideal orientation for your pins is portrait format. You can easily see if you look at your Pinterest feed how pins in landscape format easily get lost. If you want your Pinterest Pins to stand out and catch surfers’ attention your pins need to be in portrait format.

The ideal size of your pins is an image which has a 2:3 ratio.  The ideal pin size is 1000×15000, although you can also start with 600 x 900 pixels, if you find this  easier to manage.

TOP TIP: Save your images on a separate hard drive, otherwise you will quickly fill up your desktop computer, as high resolutions images have a large file size.

Most design platforms, like CANVA will automatically give you a template with this size. However longer pins are also useful in making your pins stand out in the feed but they may be truncated when they appear in the feed, but viewers will be able to see the full size when they click on them.

If you want an easy way to design great images I highly recommend Canva – for more about to use Canva for FREE, discover more details HERE 

3. Pin Titles

Recent Pinterest updates enable insertion of a pin title for each of your pins, even after you have published your pin. (Click on the EDIT icon – a pen – at the top left of your published pin to do this).  This title  will be similar to the title that you use on the pin itself, ideally.

This pin title can be up to 100 characters, of which the first 60 are the most important. This is where your SEO research will really pay off. Using your key words in text overlays on your actual pin will convert your saves to clicks to your web pages.

Bad pin

Better pin

The Second Pin Above is the More Effective Pin

The second pin not only is the  right size for Pinterest,  it also has a clear title so pinners will know what they will find when they click on the pin.

Find out more about SEO and why it is important HERE

4. High Quality Images

Clear, original images will stand out in Pinterest. They should be the highest resolution you can manage, and in other blog posts I have discussed where to look for FREE images that you can customize with your brand colours. (FREE IMAGES)

However, since the new Pinterest changes in 2020, it is very important to note that free stock images are not being favoured any more – too many bloggers are using the same free images.

It is worth being more imaginative with the images you use, and if you are a Etsy or Ebay seller take more photos of your products. You can crop them differently and take many more angles.

One way of getting round this is too upgrade to CANVA PRO – which gives you access to many more images which are less widely used.


CANVA pricing offers

It’s worth mentioning here that faces do not work on Pinterest so well, (unless you are a worldwide celebrity (!)

Having said that, I have found that certain images, depending on your product or service can drive clicks to your website. For example, if you are selling running shoes, showing people using your product will help engagement.

As with all of the advice in this article, remember to experiment to see what works for your business. For more tips on producing effective Pinterest Pins and Social Media Graphics – read this BLOG POST HERE

5. Popular Colours

Brighter colours in pin designs have been proven to be more popular, according to Pinterest analytics. Most pin designers recommend that you DON’T  use dark colours and BRIGHT reds.

However, some pinners have had a lot of success with these colours! If red or darker colours are part of your brand then clearly it will make sense to use them.

Experiment and see what works for you. Additionally, you can incorporate brighter colours in your text overlays.

6. Branding

It is essential to include your logo and website in your pin design, as this effectively claims this pin as yours.

If pinners enjoy your pins they will then look out for your logo and website when scrolling through the Pinterest feed. The stronger your brand identity, in terms of the colours you normally use and your font and style will also make it easier to find your pins on Pinterest.

If you are struggling with Branding your business, I include FREE advice on branding and can help you with your colour palettes as part of my Pin Design package. Discover more details here

I have written more about branding HERE

7. Call to Action

There are many beautiful pin designers out there creating beautiful pin designs which are gorgeous to look at.

However, if you want to use Pinterest successfully  to drive traffic to your website then there ALSO  needs to be a strong call to action, which motivates viewers to click on your pin. If you have “hooked” your viewer with your great title and image you ALSO need to give them a reason to visit your site.

This first pin clearly outlines why you should click on this pin – although do you think the sub heading , how to overcome them, is clear enough?

However, the second pin above has NO indication or reason for you to click on this pin – does it? It’s great to be a little mysterious in your pin designs – however if there is no clue on your pin, what it is actually about it will be very difficult for Pinterest to know how to categorize your pin so you will receive fewer impressions, so fewer Pinterest users will see your pin. The fact there is no title will also mean that even if Pinterest users see your pin, they will have no incentive to click on it.

11. Hashtags

Hashtags on Pinterest do not work in the same way as they do on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

In fact, recent statistics show that top Pins are as likely to be featured at the top of the Pinterest feed by keywords used on the pin, in the pin title, and the pin description. However, hashtags are another way of improving your rankings. Research has shown that pins that have 3-4 hashtags maximum, are most popular with pinners.

TOP TIP: You can actually put people off your pins and ultimately your business, if you use too many hashtags.

12. Pin Descriptions

Last but not least I want to talk about Pin descriptions.

If you have done your SEO research and featured your keywords in your Pinterest text overlays, including them again in your Pin description will ensure that Pinterest knows what your pin is about.

Ultimately your pins will rank higher in the Pinterest feed for your potential customers if Pinterest knows that your pin, (and the pages you are sending your viewers to), helps Pinterest users find the answer to their problem.

You Pin description also gives you the opportunity to say a little bit more about why the reader should go to your website, rather than any other. You can also add a little of your personal story or experience of the product or service that you are promoting here too.

For more tips on Pinterest creation and trends its a good idea to keep up to date HERE


I hope the above steps will lead to greater success with your Pinterest accounts.

More tips on using Pinterest for business can be found HERE

However if you realize the benefits of using Pinterest but don’t know how to create new designs – check out my FREE CANVA training (CANVA is a free software program you can use to design new pins)

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Or if you don’t have time to design original pins every week – take a look at my Pinterest Template packages or CUSTOM MADE PINS PACKAGES.

I’d be interested to hear your experience with Pinterest below – so feel free to comment.

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