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10 Ways Getting A Life Coach Will Help You Succeed Faster

How To Uplevel: Get Faster Results & Enjoy Doing It!

Getting a Life Coach can appear indulgent BUT coaches are increasingly popular as their effectiveness is quantified, It is the service you need if you are serious about making progress. Or to put it another way:

If you were going to run a marathon would it be a good idea to start a training regime or action plan to get ready for the big event, and wouldn’t that be easier with your own coach?

Yes, I think so too, and equally if I wanted to uplevel any other area of my life, getting some help in that area would be I think invaluable.

Many successful people use personal trainers to get fit or to lose weight.  The equivalent in life, for life training, is hiring a life coach.

This the reason why 25-40% of the 500 Fortune companies use life coaches with an average return of $100,000.

But you don’t have to be a top executive to benefit from a Life Coach, just like you don’t have to be a superstar to use a nutritionist or a personal trainer.

Successful people are usually successful because they know when to ask for help doing the things they find challenging.

Change can be:

  • Challenging
  • Exciting
  • Nerve racking
  • Exhilarating
  • Transformational

Whether you are changing your career, your daily lifestyle or the way that you work with people there are more ways to do it than pure will power, or by holding a secret desire.

However, we are all creatures of habit, in fact we are hardwired to do the same things every day, and to have the same responses to external events.

Our mind simply wants to keep our bodies safe, and that’s why it’s so difficult to make even the smallest shifts in our habits.  However negative habits can be changed to more positive habits, it’s easy with the right tools.


Last year, when I was having some work done in my house, I had to move my fridge.  It was only for a few weeks, but afterwards, every time I wanted to take something out of the fridge, I would go to the place it had been moved to.

My feet would simply take me the place that the fridge used to be, it had not caught up with my mind. In my mind I knew that the fridge had been placed elsewhere.

When we start to examine all the things we do automatically – we find opportunities to break old patterns and this results in “brain dissonance”.

It takes effort to reprogram the brain – but it’s completely possible however old you are. (There is a reason why it takes older people longer to learn how to drive – unless they are lifelong learners).

It’s much easier to change if you have your own life coach, who can help you.

So, what other reasons are there for hiring a good life coach?

Are you a sprinter or a marathon runner?

1. Know What You Don’t Know

If you have tried to transform an area of your life and failed, you will have more resistance. These previous failures make it that much harder to try again.

If you try again using the same techniques you tried before you are quite likely to fail again.

You simply “don’t know what you don’t know” when it comes to transforming an area of your life or a lifelong habit.

A life coach can introduce you to techniques and strategies you have probably never heard of or knew existed. I introduce my clients to be effective in:

  • goal setting
  • time management
  • relationship management
  • communication techniques

as well as  EFT, visualization, relaxation, manifestation, and much, much more.

Using new strategies and techniques will give you the breakthroughs that you desire so badly.

2. Who Cares If You Change Or Not ?

Everyone in your life, however well meaning, is used to you, and likes you, just as you are.

However much some may like to criticise, no one around you really expects you to change or do something radically different (unless you have friends also interested in personal development). In fact they may have a vested interest in making sure that you don’t change at all.

My clients often come to me as they have very little support for changing their lives:professionnally or personally. Whatever their ultimate goal, my life coaching clients need an expert, external to their current professional and personal circle.

We often live up to our own expectations of ourselves which are influenced by the people around us. (That sentence is worth reading twice), so how can you set better expectations of yourself?

As a neutral outsider in your life,  possibly for the first time ever, with a life coach you will learn how to expect more from yourself, in a non judgemental, supportive environment. The conversations you have with your life coach will not only offer you a different perspective but could also lead to the best decisions you have ever made.

This can be as powerfully illuminating as shining a light in a dark room. If you are new to self-development get ready to discover a whole new world!

3. Gain Accountability

Unlike your friends and family, your coach will not fall for your excuses and offer you an easy way out but actually hold you accountable to yourself.

It’s easier to form a realistic plan of action and stick to it when you know that you know that your life coach will ask you about your progress regularly.  It can also be incredibly liberating to set your own goals,  in an area which you haven’t previously shown self-leadership.

For example, employees transitioning to being their own bosses, often discover the responsibilities of working for themselves and being in control of their working day incredibly liberating. 

This huge benefit of coaching is often undervalued, but the reality is that accountability does hugely improve your chances of your success in any area of your life.

According to Benjamin Hardy, accountability  can actually improve your chances of success by a whopping 95%!

4. Change Is Hard

weight lifter

Whatever change you are hoping to make: big or small – change is tough. Yes, there are a ton of ways you can make it easier for yourself but the reality is that:

You are rewiring your brain!

 LITERALLY you are asking your neurons to fire in another way, a more productive way and beneficial way.

The important thing is that a life coach can support you in ways that you haven’t yet discovered, to ensure that you are successful this time.

However, life change coaching  is only as effective as you want it to be, as ultimately you are the one doing “the work”.  Just as you will be the one benefitting from taking successful, effective action.  Step-by-step goal achievement is also a learnt habit, and will cut your stress and feelings of overwhelm significantly.

5. Improve Your Confidence With Your Own Life Coach

Unlocking your full potential can be nerve wracking and even scary if you have always defaulted to a “I will just make do like everyone else does” position.

It does take courage and determination to become all that you can be, and personal growth is not something we are taught at school. Have you ever been encouraged to be your “best self”?

Yes, we, as life coaches, are trained to believe what you say and encourage you – but guess what?  We want to encourage you; we want you to succeed and we want what you want for yourself.

We know that every small success, every obstacle overcome will increase your self- confidence. You can make daily success a habit, not a dream.

So, other than hiring a personal cheerleader: Where, as an adult, are you going to get that unreserved support, skill set, and encouragement?

6. A Life Coach Will Call Out Your Bullshit (ahem … Your Excuses)

woman and loud speaer

Your life coach will also be able to see what you can not see in your life.

You can never see your own blind shots- because -…. they are your blind spots! 

Clearly re-evaluating your actions in the past, and discovering what drove these actions could be just what you need to make better decisions in the future.  Whatever your formal education or social background this shift in perspective will help you see more clearly where you have been failing in the past, and why.

7. Save Years In Wasted Time

As an incredibly resourceful, intelligent person that I am sure you are, you will find everything you need to get to the place you want …. eventually.

Coaching can cut the time it takes to reach your goals by over 80%. Do you really have time to waste, struggling alone?

Some people spend their whole lives using the same skills, attitudes and mindset to manage themselves. If you have never considered “personal development” as important in the past, beginning life coaching will be an incredible revelation which could positively impact every area of your life.

All successful life coaches have a bag of “tools”. These tools are introduced to their clients as and when they need them. Since no two people are the same, or have the same background or experience each person needs different tools at different stages of their personal and professional life. Discovering what works for you is an incredible life long journey full of joys and disappointments – however if you want results fast, life coaching is a powerful shortcut to success.

My most favourite comments from my clients include:

 “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“That’s such a good idea”

“Thank you.”

8. Drastically Reduce Stress And Anxiety

If you are a high achiever, you probably second guess everything you do, as a matter of course.

Success is often the result of triple checking everything you produce and going over the details (or hiring the best person you can find to do that!). However this can slip into “crazy mind chatter” and debilitate you completely.

Stepping back and examining your negative thoughts that you experience on a daily basis, is a really powerful way of experiencing life in a completely different way. You may be unaware how much your personal background, upbringing and career to date has affected your thoughts – and how many of these thoughts are negative.

For many successful people,
the rabbit hole (warren?) of self-doubt is never far away, and you may disappear into it never to return ….

Okay that was a little dramatic but I am sure you know that once you have one doubt about an idea, it can build in your mind to a mountain.

If you are already in a negative state of mind one tiny doubt can become such a big obstacle that you probably won’t take any different actions at all.

The big secret is of course …. (OOPS can’t reveal that!)

However, I can introduce you to a whole slew of redirection techniques which will keep you from the rabbit warren of negative, anxiety and stress inducing thoughts.

9. OVERCOME FEARS You Never Knew You Had

One of the great discoveries waiting for you during your coaching program is YOURSELF.

Unbeknown to your conscious self you may have been repeating thoughts and patterns of behaviour that you simply inherited.

The surprise of learning how we are all “pre-conditioned”, not always in a good, productive and healthy way by our environment could be all you need to change.

Also, life coaching is completely confidential – and it’s okay to admit to being fearful of … whatever it is. You don’t have to admit to anyone that you are getting expert help in changing your career, setting up a new business or simply learning how to deal with stress better.

10. Have More Fun Whatever The Challenge

The next level in your life doesn’t have to be negotiated alone.  Whether you are managing a new health condition,  looking for a new career, or starting a business you will need new tools.

The next step after deciding you want a life change is to find the tools you need to make it happen.

Just as you wouldn’t try creating a new cuisine without a recipe because you know you have a greater chance of success – don’t try and create a new life without finding a coach who can help you.

A good coach for you is someone who understand what you are struggling with, and can offer you the new “tools” that you need.

Of course you can find out how to do it yourself – just as if you tried to create a new meal from scratch without a recipe or roadmap you probably would eventually get it right. But who has that kind of time? (And think about the food waste!)

You can also enjoy the process of  transition much more, relax more and share your wins with your own coach.

No one else needs to know how much effort you are putting into improving your life – they only need to see the results. Getting your own life coach could be the best decision you have ever made.

Connecting with the right coach for you is important, as sharing personal values and understanding your personal needs is critical to your success in life coaching.
This is why most good life coaches, like myself, prefer to speak to potential new clients before starting a long program of coaching.

If you have any questions about whether life coaching could work for you drop me a line, and we can have a chat later this week.

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